August 2, 2013 - 2:20 PM

This week we are starting our sermon series focusing on Ephesians. Yes, we are going back to Ephesus! Recently I was talking to someone about Paul’s letters and how they all seem similar. The issue that I saw from the conversation was that there was a sense of redundancy in Paul’s letters. What we need to remember is that Paul’s teaching to Ephesus, Galatia, or Colossi was much different to his teaching in Corinth or Rome.  The redundancy is significant because it shows that in all of these cities, the Christians were struggling with the same issues. The difficulty with Paul’s ministry to these communities was that he could not simulcast his messages or send out a mass email to all of the churches, instead he had to write them out and send them via messenger to be read and memorized by the people of these small local churches. Redundancies, sometimes, are good things. They strengthen Paul’s over all message of God’s redemption of all people through Christ.

What we need to focus on in this series, as Gail will attest to, is UNITY. We are a church who will experience transition for a third time in less than a decade. How we keep our fellowship united will make this transition successful or difficult. The leadership team is getting ready for the transition by assessing our ministries and identifying leaders to advocate for areas of the churches ministry structure. The Elders are being assigned roles of accountability over those ministry leaders. It is exciting to be a part of this new era of The River Community Church, and hopefully, through the power of the Holy Spirit we will grow closer to Christ-Likeness and grow in effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.