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April 9, 2015

The River Community Church
Thoughts From The Elders

Pastor Dave ConradsFrom Claude Williams                        

This greeting was much exchanged last Sunday as we again celebrated the resurrection of our risen Savior. Our faces seemed a bit brighter, spirits were elevated, joy was evident among us. Just to center our thoughts and actions around the realization that He lives, today! And is operating powerfully in and among us, that we are His people, His servants. Easter reminds us of this and more.

This exhilaration should lift us each time we come together because He LIVES! And He is in control as we allow Him to lead us and express Himself among us and through us. Having placed our faith in Christ, we know that He has placed His Holy Spirit within His own.

Oh, and did you notice last Sunday how much more full our seating was? So many more coming to share, to celebrate together. Do you wonder, with me, why should not each Sunday be this same 'lifed and emowered' experience? Going forward through this year, each Sunday can be even greater. Invite your special friend, family, co-worker (some of you did just that) as I met some who were invited by some of you and they seemed to enjoy the celebration. 

How very blessed we are to have such a Savior who loves us and forgives us and holds us close to Himself and allows us to be a part of His great eternal family! So much we want that sameness for others we know and hold as close to ourselves.

Please continue to pray for those for whom God has given you special concern, that they may be open to Him, and to hearing and even receiving "The Good News" of salvation. It seems that Pastor Joshua has been faithful in declaring the claims of Christ, this laying for you a foundation for 'follow-up' spiritual inquiry with your friend.

As we pray for these things we will see more lives changed through Christ, families held stronger,  longer! Remember singing,"We serve a risen Savior, He's in the world today". Hold onto that thought! We are so very thankful for your faithfulness to our savior, Jesus!

Gather & Grow...River Community Life

Prime Timers
Friday, April 10th @ 7:00 pm

If you've ever watched the Rose Bowl Parade, you've noticed all the floats. One of the florists from the 1st Ave. Hy-Vee in IC has been involved in putting the floats together for years! Come hear about Laurel Hollopete's experiences with this event and all the different things that go into preparing a float for the parade. Sign up at the Welcome Center. Everyone interested is invited to join in.

PMS Sewing Day
Saturday, April 11

We'll be sewing for Provisions for My Sisters--our team for Days for Girls.  We will be sewing shields for the first time, but even if you don't sew, your help will be appreciated.  We need folks to turn parts inside out, to "poke out" corners, to iron components and to set snaps (AND we have a new toy--a handy-dandy table-top snap setter--MUCH easier than the pliers!)  We'll also be cutting fabric for liners, shields, and bags--there is something for EVERY talent!  Bring any sewing supplies you think could be used (scissors, rulers, etc), and if you'll need a drink or snack during the afternoon, please bring what you will need.  Please come and join the fun and excitement--it's a great feeling to be doing something to help girls who have no other options.  It's a great feeling to do something on our Lord's behalf!

New Refreshment Area - The River Oasis

Check out the new River Oasis! It’ s a great spot for coffee, a chat, to watch the announcements or browse for a book. We hope you enjoy it! Materials to help you Gather, Grow and Go are on the inside wall with the free resources  on the outside wall of the room. Please take something to read or check out a book. There are tables and chairs to sit to study or talk with others anytime during the week also. Thanks to those who helped rearrange it.

Serving Spotlight  
Sunday, April 12

The River is featuring a serving spotlight! For the next two weeks, Student Ministries will host a table in the foyer with additional information. Make your way towards their table to learn more about serving our children anywhere from birth to senior high! Pick up a Pine Lake summer camp brochure while you are there. Discount deadline for camps is May 1. You can also register for camp at www. pinelakecamps.org

Family Matters Potluck
Sunday, April 26

Mark your calendars for our Family Matters meeting at the end of April. We'll meet after the service. Plan on coming, we have lots to discuss! We will have communion also. Please sign up at the Welcome Center to bring a main dish and a side dish or a dessert. It helps us to know you are coming so we can plan and make it a great time.

Women's Spring Birthday Party
Sunday, April 19th at 2:00 pm 

All River women are invited to celebrate those women who have March, April and May birthdays. We'll enjoy birthday treats sprinkled with fun conversation.

Go...Serving in Jesus' Name

April Missions Focus: Converge

Converge Worldwide: Converge is a movement of churches working together to start and strengthen more churches. Our mission is to multiply active and gospel-centered churches..This is done in order to see lives and communities changed by the power of the gospel. Christ, his cross and the gospel are central to all we do.

Converge North Central is the midwest part of Converge that The River works with. As part of Converge, Pine Lake Camp in Eldora provides seminars, retreats, workshops and camps to support that mission.

Several of our missionaries are a part of Converge. Pray for them and for the Converge Conference.

Booklets about Converge and Current mission newsletters are in the Resource Center, please pick up and pray! Camp brochures for Summer 2015 are also available. For more info go to Converge, or Converge North Central

Neighborhood News

Journey of Hope
Midday Connection Luncheon
April 15 @ Noon
I University Club 

Kristin Roberts, Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House will tell us about th activities and functions of the house and Karen Blankenship will talk about how the way we remember yesterday will determine the way you live.

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