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March 12, 2015

The River Community Church
Thoughts From The Elders

Pastor Dave ConradsFrom Claude Williams                           

Well, "sure andb'gorra", the Irish holiday is coming up next week with the "wearin o' the green" and all. Many of us enjoy the Irish festivities our friends and families celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. We enjoy the "green" of itall,and doesn't it also kind of signal the coming of Spring. Going "green" with energy and food, but the color green could be a sad reminder of the great Irish famine of the 1840s in Ireland.

In the 1846eraa blight destroyed almost every potato crop in Ireland, leaving just enough of the crop to feed people for one month! To survive, people began to eat anything edible they found in the forests or seas such as roots, worms, shellfish and even plain grass from the yards! About one million Irish people died during that six-year famine. And about 2.1 million chose to leave Ireland for hopes of a future in another country, some 70% of those settling in the US.

The overseas voyage to the great unknown (America) was long and very difficult, and when the people arrived they did not know if they would be then allowed into this new strange country. Most of those coming did not know anyone here, they had little or nothing, did not know the local language and the customs of this 'strange' place. Just imagine what that must have been like when they landed in this new country and did not have anyone to help them through the immigration process and know where to live, they were determined to survive and even thrive.

Jesus too came into a strange new place, suffered persecution and death, but knew that He would be in the hands of Hi Father on the other side. It makes all the difference. Jesus says to me, "when you face death, "Look Up" for me on the other side! Now that's someone I would want to get to know!

Jesus offers true hope and real joy. Jesus said, "I am the way, thetruthand the life", and again, "Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest". Many of our friends  while living here in the land of plenty struggle through a famine of knowing and enjoying our Lord and His goodness. As believers, we have God's truth to apply to the famine our friends face daily. Feed the spiritually hungry, our mission.

Gather & Grow...River Community Life

Welcome to Tyler!

Hello River Family! My name is Tyler Mollenkamp, and I am your new Associate Director of Student Ministries. I just arrived last week, and I am very excited to start this new adventure with you all! My job will consist of overseeing kids from birth until college, incorporating ourGather, Grow, Go purpose, and helping them mature in their faith.  

I have a huge passion for ministering to kids, and I have served middle school students for the past two years. I love connecting with the lives of kids and teaming with parents for effective discipleship. I am currently in my last semester of college at Southern Evangelical Seminary. I will also be continuing my education next year, pursuing an M.A. in Biblical Studies.

Alongside my passion for youth ministry, I also love hiking, camping, and generally anything outdoors. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me in order for me to get a better grasp of the church and the area. 
Email: tyler@rivercommunitychurch.org
Phone: (319) 354-3118 (ext. 103)

It feels great to be in the great state of Iowa! I look forward to see how God can work through his church by using families to glorify Jesus Christ.

Tyler Mollenkamp 

P.S. This blog and hopefully many more to come from Tyler will be on the homepage under "Children and Youth Updates." Check it out regularly.

An Evening with the ICCSD Board President Chris Lynch
Friday, March 13th @ 7:00 pm 

Everyone! Families, friends, come to The River Fellowship Hall TOMORROW, March 13th at 7:00 pm to hear from Chris Lynch, the current board president of the Iowa City School District and a good opportunity for one on one if you have questions or ideas to share with him. Sign up at the Welcome Center or reply so we know how much dessert to serve! This should be an interesting evening sponsored by the Prime Timers group. 

New Women’s Sunday Morning Study
Begins April 5

Can a simple dinner party for the neighbors change the world? Karen Mains says, "Yes!" And in Open Heart, Open Home she shows how. Karen Mains steps far beyond how-to-entertain hints to explore a biblical and spiritual approach to using your home to care for others. This approach to hospitality can literally transform the fabric of your community and your world. If you labor under the illusion that hospitality requires Martha Stewart-like abilities, then Mains will free you from a load of guilt! Instead, she offers fresh and inspiring ideas for using your own resources to serve rather than to impress with new "opening the door" activities in each chapter. You will discover how the Holy Spirit can work in and through you to make others feel welcome and wanted. Whether you are a business executive or a homemaker, a professional minister or a layperson, a seasoned entertainer or an entertaining klutz, you will find here the encouragement and skills you need to reach out with the gospel through daily acts of acceptance, belonging and love.

See Julie Jessop about ordering a book or sign up at the Welcome Center at The River.

Saturday, March 28, 5pm, Women’s Pizza, Meals & Sewing Night

Join in the fun! We’re making freezer meals for those in need and working on Days for Girls kit items PMS(Provisions for My Sister). Sign up at the Welcome center to bring ingredients for the freezer meals and a couple of dollars for pizza. Some items been signed up for, but there are lots of other items still on the list.

Go...Serving in Jesus' Name

March Mission Focus: The Persecuted Church

Hebrews 13:3 Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

The church is persecuted all over the world as we have seen recently on the news but has been happening since the church began. The River supports several global missionaries, some that are in hard places to serve. To find out who they are and how to pray or contact them to encourage them, please pick up their recent newsletters and info in the Resource Room.

One resource among others like Converge that The River is a member of is Voice of the Martyrs at     
www.persecution.com  and is a resource to pray forthepercecuted church all over the world. If you have other good resources you like, let us know, we may include them next week! 

1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Neighborhood News

Cru - Annual Banquet Invite
April 18th @ 6:00 pm

Mark your calendars for the CRU annual Spring Banquet! We will be celebrating what God has done in and through hundreds of college students this year. Enjoy food, compelling stories and the opportunity to be a part of continuing to get the good news of Christ to the University of Iowa, surrouding campuses and countries around the globe. The banquet will be at Kinnick Stadium's press box and they would like you to come! The reception begins at 6pm followed by dinner at 6:30 pm. The invite is on the east board at church or email Abbie Schaller. Quality childcare is provided.

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