Jesus Christ at the Right Hand of God

May 11, 2013 - 2:36 PM

Jesus Christ at the Right Hand of God

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday.  It is the 7th Sunday of Easter and the time when we remember the ascension of Jesus, the Son of God, to the right hand of the Father (Acts 1).  And it is one of the least noticed and remembered holy day in the Church year.  Sadly.  


To have Jesus at the Right Hand of God the Father means that we have an advocate in the Most Holy Place.  When I pray, I remember that I can approach God boldly (as the author of Hebrews encourages us), because Christ sits as my advocate before our Holy Father.  And he is your advocate, too.  It encourages me to know that the One who understands the human predicament, stands before the Father on my/our behalf, and intercedes for us.  He knows our pain, he knows our struggles, and he knows how we've missed the mark and fallen short of the glory of God.  And yet he still stands as our advocate.


To have Jesus at the Right Hand of God the Father also means that all authority has been given to him.  Our God (Father, Son, and Spirit) is sovereign over all creation: time, space, matter, everything!  There is no situation that is beyond his knowledge.  There is no "unglorified" person beyond redemption.  There is nothing in all creation that he does not stand over as Lord.  Christ has been given all authority and now sits at the throne: King of kings and Lord of lords.


There is more we could say, but to remember the Ascended Christ as our Advocate and Lord is a great start.  This past Thursday a number of us ascended into the Upper Room and witnessed a marvelous musician perform at the Big White House.  After the concert in the "Bird Room" a few of us stuck around to hear more of his story (of which I knew next to nothing).  In a nutshell, he shared that he had chased all the things in life that he thought he needed and came up short and wanting. He shared how he had come to his nadir, his lowest point, last fall.  Then after crying out to God, "What do you want?!", he heard, "Everything."  And that, he said, was when he really began following, trusting, even loving Jesus.  He met his advocate and found grace; and upon finding grace surrendered everything to his Lordship.  


It was a beautiful story of the power of Christ's ascension and purpose (advocacy and sovereignty), and a timely one.  I was encouraged to remember Christ my Advocate and Lord...and to live in that reality, though presently veiled.  I hope you are encouraged, too.  Let's come together to celebrate our risen and ascended Lord tomorrow!


Grace and peace,