Honor Christ the Lord

May 4, 2013 - 1:26 PM

Honor Christ the Lord

Peter in his letter (I Peter) is writing to followers of Jesus who are on the margins of their culture. Their beliefs are misunderstood, their practices slandered, and their Lord, Jesus the Messiah, rejected.  Never before in our own country and culture are these things more true for us. Our beliefs are often misunderstood, our practices sometimes slandered, and our Lord increasingly rejected.  It can be discouraging.  

So what does Peter encourage his 1st century readers to do? Argue? No. Fight back? No. Give up trying to live in that culture and form an insulated "Christian bubble"? Certainly not!  Peter urges these early Christians to be people who love when hated, to be a blessing to those who curse, and to above all to "honor Christ the Lord" and not to fear others, in essence giving them lordship.  And if they suffer for doing good, then so be it. The Lord suffered, as well.  

And those words couldn't be more timely for us today in our culture. We are not to be fighters, but peacemakers; we are not to be haters, but lovers; and we are not to be people of fear, for Christ is Lord over all.  

Let's honor Christ the Lord tomorrow together!