Happy New Year! Let's Change Everything!

January 3, 2014 - 1:50 PM

This weekend is the kick off for the brand spanking new kids' church curriculum! This  new curriculum is called Elements Kids Worship. Every month the children will be focusing on a different element to the Christian faith during the Kids Church time. We will learn about Reconciliation this January. This first Sunday we will learn our memory verse for the month, watch a brief video about Reconciliation, and then break into small groups and do an activity that will reinforce the element discussed during the lesson. I am so very excited about this Sunday for your children and I hope that parents take time this week to listen to the 3 minute podcast that will be on the Children's Ministry Page  on Mondays. It will also be listed on the Ministry Updates Blog on the Home Page while we get started. The podcast will give the parents more info on the lesson and encourage them on ways to reinforce the element in the childrens' lives.

Throughout the childrens' ministry we will have new procedures for checking your child in for nursery and kids' church. When checking in your child to the nursery you will be given a bracelet with your child’s assigned number(s), your child will be given a corresponding tag that will pinned to the back of their clothing so that when you come to pick up your child you will hand the bracelet to the nursery worker to pick up your child. The nursery worker will remove the name tag from your child and then release them to your supervision. Children will only be released to the person who has their corresponding bracelet, if you are having another person “pick up” your child, please, let the nursery staff know when you check in your child.

The procedure for checking in your child for Kids' Church is simple, you can pick up the child's name tag in the kids' wing and sign them in at the table. The child can wear the name tag to the church service and keep it on when they come back to the Kids' Church worship time. When you come get your child, they will give their name tag back to the teacher before they are released to the supervision of their parents.

There will, naturally, be some time to get this ingrained in our church's culture, but this will help increase our security procedures for our children's safety.

If you have questions about these changes, please, contact me and we can clarify the issue.