From Pastor Joshua Tilley

March 26, 2015 - 8:00 AM
For my personal study time I am going through the bible chronologically. This, along side a timeline, really helps me to wrap my mind around the events that have shaped our faith and our world. Each time another king turns his back on God and abandons his faith I am able to read about the consequences to his home and his nation. With each back that turns thousands follow, but there is hope, because for each person who turns back to God nations follow.
I have been blessed to watch as a faithful few break the chains of their spiritual slavery and return to the one true God. These brave men and women humble themselves before our God and cling to His word. As God's faithful few set the example, people follow and others find forgiveness and grace. 
One such story struck me as I was pondering this blog...
It is the story of King Hezekiah. We read of his reign in 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Hosea, and Isaiah, but it is 2 Chron 29-30 that I want to briefly comment on today. 
The nation is split into North and South and they have been devastated by invasions from the neighboring Assyrians. God's word had long since been ignored and chaos was the result. What are they to do in such circumstances? Rather than turn to their false gods, as many of the kings had done, we see Hezekiah turning Israel back to God. He cleansed the land, destroyed the high places (places of pagan worship), and had finally cleared the temple of all its false idols. In his excitement, he sent a call out to all of God's lost children declaring that they would finally be celebrating their freedom from Egypt again through the observance of Passover.
This excitement spreads and we see that when people seek God's face miracles happen.
The nation of Israel and Judah begin to Gather and unite. Prior to this these two groups fought against one another for control and yet now with God as the center of their lives they find fellowship. (2 Chron 30:12)
When God's people began to gather together, they began to Grow together. With this offer of forgiveness and salvation many people came to the temple to give sacrifices and offerings. This giving was not something that was required, but a natural response to their spiritual freedom and submission to the word of God. There were so many offerings that the priests had to recruit other men to help out with the sacrifices. God's people were giving and they were giving BIG! (2 Chron 29:31-36)

When this excitement made its way to the outlining cities and nations, those who feared God decided to literally Go and be a part of this movement. They were so excited to meet their Creator that many left the comfort of their countries and their homes. We read that the road was not kind to these pilgrims as they were mocked along the road (2 Chr 30:10). But despite the mockery, many who had long rejected God (and many who had never even heard of Him) answered the call and found salvation. "But some from Asher, Manasseh, and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem" (2 Chron 30:11). The excitement of God's people was contagious!
When God's people lay their lives at the feet of their Creator He moves mountains. When we confess, repent, and ask God to guide our lives He unites families, He rights wrongs, and He draws the unsaved to Himself. Let's gather together on Sunday and begin the process of bringing this same excitement and salvation to our homes, city, state, and nation. (2 Chron 30:8-9)
God Bless, 
If you are interested in following a chronological walk through the bible follow this link to our resource page to find a pdf, which will guide your study. Feel free to print it, email it, or even post it on your facebook page if you would like. It is a free resource, so use it and let me know how it goes!