From Mark Jessop

March 5, 2015 - 8:06 PM

OK, first an update on my “Read the Bible in Year” goal.  Last month I was a couple days ahead of schedule, but as of today – I am just right on target – but still doing well.  I do not remember how many days in a row you need to do something before it becomes a habit, but it is starting to feel easier.  That is with the exception of when my schedule gets mixed up.  I usually do my reading right after I drop the kids off for school in the morning, but for some reason this week that schedule was harder to follow, so it had been a little more work to get my Bible reading done.  I heard on Christian radio just this week that Bible reading should be enjoyable and not legalistic.  I agree with that, but sometimes you need to work hard initially to get the eventual enjoyment (I bet some of you gardeners out there can relate to that).  Although I still need to work to keep it up, I am certainly starting to get some of real enjoyment from my reading.  Back on February 22nd, I had a great laugh.  The Old Testament reading was from Leviticus. For me, this book is often a little dry, especially when talking about the various things that make you clean and unclean.   I was reading Leviticus 13, and it was talking about various skin diseases.  I have had rashes before, so found it little interesting, but then I got to Leviticus 13:40-41 and it really hit home.  I usually use NIV or ESV, but my “One Year Bible” is the New Living Translation.  It said “If a man loses his hair and his head becomes bald, he is still ceremonially clean.  And if he loses hair on his forehead, he simply has a bald forehead; he is still clean.”  Those of you that know me (just look at the picture above), know that I am getting pretty bald.  When I read this – I could hear God saying to me … “Mark, you are losing your hair – it just means your bald - get over it”.  I love that we have a loving and humorous God.

This week I celebrate my 45th Birthday.  I like birthdays and do not mind getting older.  One of my goals in retirement has been to get in better shape.  So far, I have failed miserably in that area, but just this week I finally got my act together and joined a pickleball class.  Don’t laugh.  It is a serious sport and after all, I needed to start somewhere.  The ironic part is that I signed up for the class through the Senior Center (it was free!).  I am the youngest person there and they all took me to town on the court during the first lesson.  Now you can laugh.

This week’s blog snuck up on me, so sorry that it was not very insightful about what is going on at church.  I do want to end though by welcoming Tyler Mollenkamp, our new Associate Director of Student Ministries.  I am very excited to have him at The River and leading our kids to Gather, Grow, Go.  Please take time to welcome him, get to know him and find ways to support him as he takes on this important ministry.  Have a blessed week and see you on Sunday!

God Bless,