Family Matters

January 15, 2015 - 1:36 PM

Last Sunday, 11 Jan 2015 - was a typical cold day - out...But, INSIDE The River Church, our people enjoyed a warm day of Christian Education, Biblical teaching and spiritually challenging growth.  Our AM service was followed by a potluck meal (always a success), soon followed by a  "Family Matters" business meeting.

Sitting here days later, I can't really recall a single item of 'business' we may have discussed--But what I can clearly recall is what I observed and felt and understood as a very warm and "Blessed" spirit among people sitting there together. The 'joy of the Lord's Presence' was very warming and re-assuring to most all of us. The majority of inputs/comments were affirming and were such that-for the most part-"build-up" our body..!

We have so very much work to do to move forward in further marking our neighborhood for Christ--in better knowing Him--and making Him known. In 'making Him known' to ourselves, to our families and to others.

GATHER  GROW  GO  is the commitment of our River Church...

1. Gather --is a continuous action, a priority action.

2. Grow--is a multiplying action, a critical action.

3. Go--is the implied result of a success in the first two.

As I remember that last Sunday, all three of these elements were fully functiong. WE 'gathered' together as God's people, and in that we are 'growing' in Him--and in numbers. And we are(I was) greatly invigorated and spiritually led to GO-in Christ's name and His just causes to our "world".

OH YES, I do recall one business item--I was very encouraged by the words of "TylerII"--as he presented his views of children's ministries-which is a huge area of emphasis for our families-and our field...

Please pray for God's continued leading in our days ahead..(this is critical..)

Hebrews 13:20-21 "May the God of Peace equip you with everything good for doing His Will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, thru Jesus Christ, to whom be glory, forever and ever."

(think of that--when you may doubt, or question, or even fear...)


Claude Williams