Childrens Ministry Thoughts

February 28, 2014 - 1:41 PM

We are knees deep in the Elements Kids Worship experience. The last two months the children have been learning about Reconciliation and Submission. This month we kick off a series on The Word. The kids are going to learn about the true power of The Word of God. The big ideas that the kids will discuss will range from the importance of memorizing scripture to the eternal nature of scripture. Keep on praying for our teachers and students that this ministry will continue to grow in love and maturity with Jesus Christ.

With the addition of the Tilley family, we have just under 40 children on our roster for babies - 6th graders. Our classroom for Kids Church is getting smaller and smaller with this growth. The need is fast approaching to make changes to our current classroom set up. One of the options is to knock down some walls to make bigger rooms. The buildings and grounds team has talked a little about this option, nothing has moved forward but it is still a possibility. In short, the church is growing and we are going to need to make some big decisions when it comes to how we can adequately and excellently minister to our children.