once yu were not

April 19, 2013 - 1:37 PM


Peter wrote a letter to the followers of Christ sown in a region which is now western Turkey. In the letter he reminds them that as citizens of God's Kingdom through faith in Christ they are now exiles, aliens, strangers. Why? Because they are now operating under a different Lord, namely Jesus, and they are called to a different standard of living, namely God's.  

In the text we will be exploring Sunday, Peter urges the recipients of his letter (even us!) that as "set apart" one's we are now "a people"...that is "God's people".  They/we are called out of the "darkness" into "his marvelous light" and set apart (made "holy") for the task of representing their/our Lord of the Cosmos through their/our words and actions; we are to "grow up into salvation"...that is, we are to mature in godliness...reflecting the One who delivered us.  We are to live "honorable" lives, so that others "may see [our] good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation." (Christ's return)  

God's glory alone is our call and purpose...and it is in His glory that we experience life and joy and hope and grace and peace...and love.  May we reflect all of that as we draw nearer to Him individually and collectively.  And may reflect on all of that this Sunday together, as we worship the King and consider afresh what it means for our church to represent Him in our city at this time.

See you Sunday!